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Offering Exciting & Fun Alternative Women's Fitness Classes!

Testimonials from some of our Students:
*Many of photo's below are of students at their final 6 Wk. Pole Class when some choose to dress up for fun.
During regular classes everyone wears regular workout attire (shorts, yoga pants, tank top &/or t-shirts).
Be sure to also checkout our Featured StudentsParty testimonials at bottom of page.

Thanks to all the Ladies that let me post their pictures & for their testimonials.

I have invested so much time and money on private personal training, boot camps and kickboxing classes.  But  POLE classes at SPIN ON FITNESS is by far the VERY BEST that I enjoy most!  Plus I know I am getting an awesome workout...  Even though my 6 week session was cut short due to babysitting issues I wasn't gonna give up on POLE.  No sitter No Problem.  I'll just go during the week while I am at work even better!  POLE classes showed me how to build strength in all parts of my body, while toning and love how it tighten my abs.  Which I never thought it could be possible for me to accomplish.  It's not just about the stroking poles and face grinding like some may think when I bring it up to some of my friends...  It's an actual butt whipping class.   It's very well worth it.  I also bought a pole for myself but I don't even look at it nor use it cuz I rather be at class working out with Shelley.  Not only am I hooked, I have gotten my girls at work hooked also.  SEXY BUTT UP!!!  Janet
  *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate / Drop-In Regular / Featured Student

What a fun and inspiring class!  I've done traditional yoga in the past, and also have been an pole instructor for 3 years, so strength and flexibility are important to me.  I still wasn't prepared for the awesome challenge of taking PoleAerials for the first time!  The balance and coordination worked every muscle in my body isometrically, and I can't remember the last time I felt so limber and flexible by the end of a class. The instructor was well prepared and very accommodating to help us execute the poses correctly each time. Gentle stretching, core stability exercises, and a variety of aerial poses made the time fly by- but all we said as we left was, "give me more!"   Tammi Hanak   PoleAerial Class (Aerial Yoga) May 2011

"As a dorky engineer I had my concerns about joining a pole dancing class.  Not only do I spend my day with a bunch of men but I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. This would be the total opposite.  I showed up to my first class in work out clothes and was happy to see others there in the same.  Class was a blast!  However, this was no dance classÖthis was a workout!  Two days later, while the muscle ache still continued I had one thought; I have to go back!  Since August of 2008 I have been hooked.  I have made friends and made fun of myself.  I have worked out and just hung out.  And it was all done in the comfort of a studio closed to men, closed to judgment, and closed to the stereotypes that most people think of when they hear ďpole dancing.Ē   Christina  6 Week Pole Class Graduate & Drop-In Pole Student for LIFE!!!

I've been to multiple pole studios nation wide. My experience at Spin on Fitness was exceptionally positive, mainly because the owner is so personable and adaptable to your learning needs. She was so hospitable and accepting of my interest in the wide range of fitness options in her studio. I highly recommend aerial yoga for stretching those hard to reach places and increasing your flexibility. The aerial hoop is like being a kid on monkey bars again, increases your strength, and stretches the limits of your flexibility as well. Shelley is an excellent spotter!
I've been a pole teacher in Dallas for one year and learned new spins and techniques that I haven't encountered anywhere else! I'm originally from Pittsburgh and know that every time I come home, I'm definitely scheduling classes at Spin on FItness! - Karen P.   PoleAerial Class (Aerial Yoga) & Pole August 2011


My thanks for sharing your time & talents with us, Shelley--we had a Fabulous, memorable time last night, which is a credit to how you facilitate your classes! What an Amazing Great experience--& we are already planning another!! Wendy
   Taster Class Attendee March 2011

This was the most fun I have ever had in an exercise class. You are a great teacher and thank you so much for letting us try out all of the stuff. Tammy   Taster Class Attendee March 2011

Hi Shelley,  I really wanted to come back on Tuesdays, but I will be on travel the next three Tuesdays, so I need to wait for the "next session".  I really enjoyed the classes and had so much FUN taking the pictures!  Thanks again for a great class.  I hope to see you soon!  Lara
 *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate

I recently took the Hoop Class and I have to say what a great time!!!  You forget how to hula-hoop from when youíre little, but she does it in such a way that itís so much fun and you donít realize that you are actually doing something good for your body.  The class size is small enough that you and your friends can do it together and have fun and not be embarrassed among people you donít know so it makes you work that much harder.  I had such a good time that Iím getting my own hoop to keep it up between classes.   I recently had my 48th birthday and if you know me, I donít act it and hopefully donít look it, but this is going to make me even younger and crazier Ė canít wait until the next class.  Thanks Shelley for giving us a chance to get our Ďyouth' back!!  Kim
 *Hoop Class Student

Thank you for opening my eyes up to another form of exercise!   I would have never thought I was working my chest, arms, thighs and butt so much until I HURT the next day!   My favorite part of the class was the "party" on the last night.   It was so much fun to interact with the other girls and let loose!   I'm looking forward to the video (I think).  Stephanie
 *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate

The class was a great, fun way to exercise.  I loved that the class sizes were small (more individual attention) and you made the class fun and I felt comfortable.  A nice change for working out besides going to the gym!  Shannon
 *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Thank you so much.  You are such a wonderful teacher.  I feel really great and I think the class is a total confidence booster. I never really knew how to dance/move at all - and I still feel weird doing some of the moves - and wish I looked like you.  But, I love love love the class and have fun and have become way more confident.  I am definitely signing-up for the next Wed nite session. Jennifer
 *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Shelley, My friends and I attended the August Pole Taster class and absolutely loved it. We are interested in your September class as well.  Looking forward to finding out when it is going to be scheduled.  Thanks, Shelley
 *Pole Taster Class Attendee

Hi Shelley, I just got the DVD & Pics discs in the mail!!!  (I just got back from spring break, so they may have arrived earlier).  They're awesome!!!  Thanks so much!  It's a great keepsake.  I'll def be trying to come to some open pole times in the future if I can find a minute to breathe ~ school's gonna get pretty hectic the next month or so!  But again, thanks a bunch!!  Hope you had a great Easter!  Kristin
*6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Shelley is the Best teacher!  I loved my class!  She made it very Fun & allowed my alter ego to expose itself.  Thank You!  Lora
 Second Email after receiving Class Party DVD Video that 6 Week 101 Pole Students receive:  Hi Shelly, I just wanted to let you know I got the DVD and absolutely loved it.  You did a great job editing.  I reiterate that I absolutely loved the class.  You are a wonderful and fun instructor.  GREAT JOB!!!  Iíve been very busy but I definitely plan on coming back for another class, but probably not until the fall.  Lora  *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Thank you!  This was a great workout and a ton of fun!  We had a blast and your teaching style made everyone comfortable, even those who were a little intimidated at first.  What a great way to tone your upper body and learn some great moves while you're at it!  I'll definitely be back for the next class!
 *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Shelley,  Hello!  Oh my gosh, Wednesday evening's class was so much fun.  And, as you warned, I have spaghetti noodles for arms, and bruised inner legs, but I can't wait until next class!!!  This is a great work out.  Gail Roberts
 *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Had a blast and will be back for the next class!  Danielle  *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Ok so I cheated on you tonight... There was a new pole dancing studio that opened. So I figured I'd give it a try cuz its literally 5 min from my house. OMG I hated it soooo much!!!! First of all, I walked in there with workout clothes on, like every one did when I took it with you. SOOO out of place!! Everyone wore these high heeled boots and slutty clothes. I felt like a fat blob!  I was expecting to do the basic moves like you taught. NOOOOO!! They were teaching upside down shit and snakes or whatever.... totally complicated!! I literally just stood there because I felt like a total idiot. So hats off to Spinonfitness!! Because I had such a blast with your class, and I could be myself and still get a fantastic workout. I will never go back there.  I look forward to coming back to your place... but I'll probably wait till after the winter since its such a far drive. I don't want to sign up for classes if the roads will be bad.  Take care!!  Megan   *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate 2009 Final Class

Shelley,  Thanks for the great class.  I had so much fun!  My upper body, especially my triceps, definitely feel more firm.  I can't wait to come back.  What a great time!   Thanks again,  Pam
 *6 Week Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

The class was a great workout.  Not only is it a great workout, but it was the most fun workout I have ever experienced!  Brandi
 *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

 Taster Class: 
Hello Shelley, This is Victoria Poole I was just at your class last night. Me and mother absolutely loved your class!  It was so much fun and today we are so sore. We would love to join your beginners class for Pole Fitness.  We are interested in the Tuesday classes at 6:15. So if there would happen to be a cancellation on the 7th please be sure to let us know. If that is not a possibility then we will just register for the April 27th class.  Well Thank you very much. We will be looking forward to returning!  Have a Great Day!  Love Always, Victoria

I loved being able to swing all the way around, so fun!  Whee!  Mary Ann  *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class
New tricks to be found, upper body strength I am proud!  I highly recommend this exercise class - tho' it bruises the arms, it does not bruise the ***!  Mary Ann, The Pro-Beginner    *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate 3rd time!

This is the greatest fitness class ever, fun, exciting, new, and it makes you feel great inside and out!  Kelly  *6 Wk Pole 101 Class Graduate Final Class

Testimonials from Pole Party Hostesses & Guests:

Every time I watch my DVD I just shake my head and think about how great the party was!  And Shelley definitely had the best deal in The Burgh!  Thanks again for an awesome Party!  D'Shawn 

1st Email:  Hi Shelley, I canít even begin to tell you how much fun we all had last Saturday. Weíre all really excited to see the pictures you took. Mine are pretty funny but I have a feeling you got even better ones.  Iíve showed the pictures to my family and everyone said we all looked like we were having a blast, and we were!  We were all a little sore the next day. Iím still feeling it a little in my arms. But what a work out!! Forget Total Gym systems! Apparently all you need for a total body workout is a pole. And one of Kellieís girlfriends was surprised that you could have so much fun breaking a sweat. Also, I wanted to give you updated addresses for both Kellie & myself. Weíll be moved by the end of the week & I want to make sure the DVD gets to one of us. Weíre already planning a girl's night so we can all see it together for the first time.  Thank you again for your time & helping me plan an amazing & unforgettable Bachelorette Party for my sister. Iím certain youíll see me again. In fact, Iíve got my eyes on your class calendar. Have a wonderful day!  Kim Underwood

2nd Email:  Hi Shelley, Kellie received the DVD and we love it!  You did an excellent job putting together the pictures with the music. I don't think Kellie will ever forget how much fun we had for her bachelorette party but, just incase her mind gets fuzzy, she can always watch the DVD as a reminder. The pictures really capture just how much fun we had! We all had these big smiles on our faces in every picture! You made us all feel so comfortable (even shy girls Kellie and Michelle) and we were having so much fun we didn't even think to be self conscious in front of the camera.  I can't thank you enough for helping me plan an unforgettable party for my best friend (and twin sister), Kellie. You will definitely see me again, if not for a class another party.  Take care!  Kim

I set up a class with Shelley for my best friend's Bachelorette Party. Having danced in the past, I was quite excited about the experience. The other girls in the party, including the bride, were a little more hesitant. A few minutes into our pole dancing class, the group was pleasantly surprised as to how well Shelley adapted to participants of different dance abilities. Their hesitations disappeared, even the most reluctant participant was openly trying more advanced and difficult dance moves. This class was not only fun, but also a great work out! If I lived in Pittsburgh, I would definitely become a regular participant in these classes! Highly recommend it to anyone interested.
Thanks again, Supria Batra 

Dearest Shelley, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!  Thank you for posting those pics so fast!  We had a GREAT time and we will definitely be doing it again...  Thanks so much for everything!  Angela had the time of her life!  With total Respect and Thanks, Sincerely- Martha Boschukhe

Hi Shelley!  I received the DVD. It is super cute! I shared it with family and they really got a kick out of it. :-  Here is my testimonial.  Spin On Fitness is  great for a girls night out. It's an exciting and refreshingly different activity. It's also an excellent fitness workout alternative. Shelley is a knowledgeable pole dance instructor and provides a cozy atmosphere. She's also a very patient instructor. I'd recommend that anyone try it at least once. You will not be disappointed.  Jovan 

Hi! I received the DVD and it was awesome! You really do an  incredible job with the way the pics are and all of the special effects!! All of us got together last night to watch it. This is something I'll never forget! We all had a great time and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was a little hesitant at first but I had the greatest time and the pictures speak for themselves!! When you hear pole dancing it sounds a little scary and I ended up having so much fun! The music was great and all my friends had a blast! When you mix pole dancing and great friends, you can't go wrong! You know your in for a great night!! Now we know who can quit their day jobs and who can't! Thanks again and we would love to come back for another girls night out!!  Thanks so much, Tracy Ellis   *Please feel free to use any pics of my bach party for your site!!  That would be awesome to be on it!  We had a great time and thanks again!!  Click here to view pics.

1st Email: Thank you both so much for such a kick ass Bachelorette party for my sister Saturday night!  Everyone agreed it was the best party they had ever been to.  You ladies are awesome!  If I ever know of anyone wanting a pole party or a passion party in the Pittsburgh area I will totally give them your contact information.  And if I ever decide to throw another one, you can bet I'll be calling as well!  Thanks again!!!  ~ Margie

2nd Email:  Got the DVD today!  I love it!  I've never laughed so hard in my life!  Thank you!!!  Margie

Hey Shelley,  Thanks so much for everything!! :)  You were an awesome instructor and we can all say we know a few moves on the pole now!  You really made my best friend's Bachelorette Party memorable!  I never thought I would be into that sort of exercise, but wow... I have to say my arms were SO sore in the days following the party and I have already looked into taking some pole classes down in Maryland where I live.  The pictures were priceless too, such a great way to remember all the fun we had!!  You can use anything from my email as a testimonial, because we truly had a great time and I would recommend your pole class to anyone!  I will re-send the pic. link out to all the email addresses I have for the ladies.  Thanks so much for taking those pictures, they are great!!  I will be helping to plan another Bachelorette party for my soon to be sister-in-law, so I will definitely keep Spin On Fitness in mind as our first stop of the night.  Thanks again, Leah 


Hi Shelley, I have my pole party DVD and CD of pictures and I love them.  I laughed and smiled the entire time that the DVD was playing.  The pole party really made my Bachelorette evening extra wild; myself and my wonderful friends had a terrific time.  It was easy to keep up with you when you were teaching us different moves, trying on the outfits was tons of fun, and I thank you again for making me a permanent memory of that special night.  Thanks, Simone


Hey Shelley, I had a fantastic time at my pole dancing/bachelorette party! It was an unbelievable work-out! Plus, it was just such a fun experience, especially to do with your best friends. The costumes and photo-shoot were hilarious fun as well! You were an amazing teacher, making us feel so comfortable and confident the whole time. I highly recommend your class to anyone looking for a great work-out or a really fun time!  Kim      1/2010

Hi Shelley. This is Trisha birthday girl from the diva pole party you had 3pm May 2. I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome time. That has to be one of the best birthday parties I have had in a long time!!  I never knew how hard pole dancing was...but I have the bruises to prove it now. haha!!  thanks again I wish you were closer because I would be in your classes!!  In fact all the girls that came with me said that!!  Thanks again. Trisha 

Hi Shelley, We had a fantastic time on Saturday and I wanted to thank you and apologize for how quickly we had to end.  Also, I wanted to inquire about joining up for a six-week class.  I know that your class has already started and I wanted to know when a new one will begin.  I know there are a few people interested.  Also, I think that there will be a few people calling to book a party.  Thanks again for a fun night!!!  Melissa Ott

Shelley we all had the BEST time last night. Thank you so much for coming out!!! That was one heck of a workout! My arms and legs have never been that sore in my life. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I have given my friends and coworkers RAVE reviews about you.  Mandy

Hi My name is Tierra and I  had a diva pole party on may 22nd at 8 pm to celebrate my 20th birthday ! I have to say this was the best party I have ever had in my life!! everything about the party was great the new moves we learned and the costumes... I LOVED IT!! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have a fun and exciting party! I also received the DVD which I must say was very well put together and is amazing and I am sooooo impressed. But to sum up what I wanted to say YOU ARE THE BEST!!  I HAD SO MUCH FUN AND CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!  THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME AND THE BIRTHDAY PARTY OF ALL BIRTHDAY PARTIES : )


Hi Shelley- Just wanted to send a quick note and let you know how much fun my girls and I had last Saturday night.  We really didn't know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised to see how everything was set up. It was also a plus that we were able to plug in our iPOD!  Thanks for the great memories and moves : )  I'm pretty sure we all even burned a few calories (which is always a good thing) and I know a few of us are still sore from working it!  Thanks for the great memories and moves : )  I am sure we will back in the future!  Thanks again, Shelby and the girl's from Beth's Bachelorette Party!  

Hi Shelley, The pictures are great!!  My arms are the only things that are sore today.  We all had a blast.  I will tell everyone how much fun we had and maybe get you some business from it.  I can probably guarantee that one of us will be having another party.  You were a great teacher!!  Once again Thanks for a great time!!!!  Becky

Hi Shelley, We had a great time!!  Don't forget to let me know when you are doing the Hula hoop exercise class.  Kim

Good Morning!  Now that I've recovered from staying out all night, I just wanted you to know how much we really enjoyed our party!  You are amazing!  You are definitely in a class all by yourself.  I will be in touch very soon to take some classes!  Thanks for your awesome hospitality!  Lea 

Shelley, Thanks so much for getting me my dvd.  It is great!  Everyone had such a great time at the party.  It was something different to do for a Bachelorette party and I am so glad that we chose a pole dancing party.  I would definitely come again for another party.  It was fun and entertaining to watch my family and friends try to pole dance.  We are still laughing at how much fun we had that day!  LaReina

Shelley, Thanks so much for the DVD! I got it Monday. The pics are hilarious!!! I showed some of the girls from the party & they loved it. You really did a great job! We had such a great time at the party. We are trying to spread the word in Morgantown for you :). We're actually thinking about throwing Jamie a party for graduation (so innappropriate! lol). I'll contact you about that next month. Thanks again! Take care, Brandi

Hello Shelley!! Just wanted to let you know how much fun we all had this past Friday @ our "Pole Party!" We were all pretty amazed how much of a work out pole dancing can really be! We definitely were all feeling the burn the next day along with a couple of "bruises of achievement!" We've already been discussing starting the 6 week class sometime soon, cause lets just say we've been craving the pole! Hehe! Thanks again for showing us girls a new and fun way to work out!  Can't wait to see the pictures to show everyone how much fun we had!!  We are all pole dancers for life!  Keep up the awesome work!!! :)  Kimberly 

 The DVD was great & better than expected!  Thanks a lot!  Shontay

HILARIOUS!!! OMG I will refer you to all my facebook friends.  I had such a great time, and have been inspired to take this up as an alternate fitness class here in LA.  Thank You, Chanell  (Bride To Be)

OMG! I had such a wonderful time, and the pictures were a great tool for catching such a memorable moment.  It was a pleasure meeting with the entire Bridal Party..... Shelley you were fantastic, wish you were in Philly!  Anyway, I hope you ladies have a lovely evening.  Thanks again for the email and most memorable Bachelorette Party ever.  Shanice (Party Guest)

Dear Shelley, Thank you so much for sending the pictures from our party!  I had the time of my life and can't thank you enough for giving us a perfect evening.  I have been passing your name along to my friends and hope that they will be coming in to see you soon because I know they will have the same experience that we had.  I saw on your website that you had Spring classes and I will not be able to make them but I was wondering if you will be teaching a summer session.  That would be more feasible to me to make weekly, once the kids are out of school.  Again, thank you for a wonderful evening and for taking the time to email our photos to us!  I will never forget how wonderful I felt that evening! Thank you Shelley! Take care, Heather  

Hey Shelley, Yes, I was able to view pictures and they are hilarious, yet sexy!  Thanks again for a great time.  My friends and I appreciate all that you did for us.  I told a few people at my job about it and they were interested in it as well.  I gave them the web-site to go to for more information.  Hope you have a wonderful day!  Tamara

Testimonials from Events we have Participated In:

Shelley *really* entertained our group of 32.  We are women of all ages, all tied to the same non-profit organization.  After an 8-hour meeting, we were very much in need of fun and exercise.  60 minutes with Shelley exhausted and exhilarated us and we left totally energized.  What incredible fun! Sandi Lando Welch Founder & President Circle of Tapawingo

Thank you, thank you for making last night so much fun for everyone.  Your energy and enthusiasm really kicked off the event and kept the evening going.  Everyone had so much fun, and I have no doubt that you will hear from some of the women you met last night.  We look forward to working with you again, and thank you for the generosity and support you showed for Chicks & Chat.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Beth (Chics & Chat Fitness Event) 



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Shelley Wain

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